Job Management with CreataCRM

A job is something that has a start and finish time and be accomplished relatively quickly with minimal detail required. For example, A lawn mowing business has 19 lawns logged to be actioned this week.

CreataCRM can assist you in managing this part of your buiness quite easily.

The CreataCRM job management tool is not only powerful but flexible and is designed to integrate fully with common business tools like the CreataCRM VoiP Phone System, Office 365, Outlook, Xero and MYOB.

New Job

With ease, create a new job. See all the jobs that are currently in motion.

Check Lists

When a new job is created, important check lists can be created that relate to this job. This is the brainstorming stage of the job and can be known as Tasks or Check lists.

Tasks within a Job

Inside every job, you can see the checklists that relate to that job. These checklists allow the user to manage their own Tasks within a job. Users have a visual progress bar for the task and management has a visual view of the progress bar for the job.

Time Management

Inside the Job Management tool is a Time Billing feature. This links to the Calendar. This allows you to add things like phone calls and emails and other activities that took time to complete the job - which of course may all be chargable. A clearer indication of how much time your employees spend on the job and therefore the cost.

Time & Billing Invoice

Once the job is completed, the system allows you to easily invoice for the job by clicking a button. This carries all the tasks associated with the job over to invoicing. Here is where you can use your choice of financial system like Xero or MYOB.



Invoice generated

A clean & sharp invoice once generated & easily emailed.

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