Advanced Reporting & the Report Editor

CreataCRM provides over 60 rich and elegant Chart Types. CreataCRM allows you to transform your data into its most appropriate, concise and readable visual representation. Great flexibility both in design and runtime, the system delivers dozens of 2D and 3D chart types ranging from bars and doughnuts to line and financial views. Select from a range of standard reporting options or use the Report Editor and create your own custom Report.

In addition, CreataCRM gives you the ability to design your new report online & in real time. It provides Users the information required to monitor business outcomes and make intelligent, real-time decisions. CreataCRM Users will be able to create Labels, Quotes, Invoices and much more with the easy online report designer.
If generating a variety of different reports is paramount for your business, then this is the CRM for you as you will have the freedom to create whatever you need report wise.

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Report Designer

Create your own Custom Reports via the Report

2D Reporting

Create beautiful reports in the Online Editor finished in 2D view!

3D Reporting

Create terrific reports in 3D for more effect!

Financial Reporting

Create detailed financial reports!

KPI Reporting

You also have the ability to monitor Key Performance Indicators. Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are a quantitative measurements of dynamic business processes. For instance, an important performance indicator for a Call Centre may be time taken on calls & problems solved successfully.

and scorecard

KPI values range on time and can be useful to compare the values of different periods (for instance, the current month versus the previous month). If a deeper analysis (drilldown) is required, then the objects from which an indicator was calculated can be listed.