Office 365 with CreataCRM

Making it easy to centralise your diary & calednar information into CreataCRM, Creatacrm will sync Office 365data to CreataCRM, enabling users to keep using their familiar tools like Outlook Calendars/Tasks and Contacts. Business are able to capture these activities and sync them to a centralise database.

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Users are able create a Calendar Meeting and Appointment on any device and this will be synronised back to CreataCRM.  This allows businesses to centralise all data and business activities/information. CreataCRM also has a centralised management tool allowing the admin user to setup all the users and the settings, keeping them all in one location.


Send Emails
Received Emails
Sync any folder in your office365. Eg, other users emails
Add backlist emails domains to be attached
Emails can include attachments and rich text formatted emails as well.


Two way sync from CreataCRM to Office365

Customise activity types to Office 365
Tasks Two way Sync to CreataCRM and Office365

Two way sync from CreataCRM to Office365

Ability to enable the Criteria Builder to sync contacts

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