Bespoke Software

Great software needs to function efficiently and meet the business need precisely. We combine 15yrs of CRM & Database System experience with our exceptional software development skill. We then create the desired application your business needs.

General Coding and Development

We have a team of coders and developers who can customise CreataCRM for you to beccome an efficient system to meet your needs. We can also enable CreataCRM to link to pretty much any application you have running in your office enviroment. Below is our method of Development. We conduct 'sprints' to achieve your desired features. Youre initial 'vision' to us will give us an idea of what is achievable. A plan is then put in place and we sprint in stages. We have established that this method is the most efficient and simplistic way of achieving the business requirements you need in your Database System.


Email Marketing

We have built our own Email Marketing System too. You won't find a cheaper system. CreataCRM Email Marketing can be used as a stand alone Email Marketing Tool. Gain valuable information on opens, unsubscribes and clicks throughs. Design your own Campaigns.

Cloud PBX VoiP Phone Systems

Cloud Phones are a very new technology. When you start your research, you'll still find many people directing you towards the traditional phones systems which rely ony phone lines. These are expensive and inflexible. Here at CreataCRM, we have developed a Cloud Phone which operates as regular phone including all the features you would expect and alot more. A fully fledged PBX system which works entirely on the Cloud. Enabling you to take calls from anywhere on any device ( a little like Skype) but still enjoy those familar functions like having a desk phone, being able to forward, transfer and hold. Ask us today. To know more about VoiP PBX Cloud Phones, click here.

Installation & Set up

If you are thinking about implementing a database system for your business, we can work with you on the implementation process as well as providing ongoing support and advice. Our process is to firstly understand your business and daily requirements for implementing CreataCRM! From this gained understanding of your business, we then provide recommendations for the necessary functionality of the CreataCRM. The system installs with standard features however we can enhance it to do whatever you require. We will also work with your IT Department to ensure the implementation is smoothe and problem free.

CreataCRM is a cloud based solution and can be hosted externally or set up as an on premise solution. For your peace of mind, our external hosting solution is Australian based and all data is securely stored on Australian servers. Implementation is a fast and efficient process with minimal disruption to your working office & staff. We keep you fully informed the entire process.

Training & User Adoption

We offer extensive training to enable your team to fly with CreataCRM. The system is very user friendly already, so we just build on what we know you'll pick up on by yourself. We understand that you also have staff with differeing skills and jobs descriptions so we will cater to their capabilities.

We can adapt any training course to cover what you require. We have a number of Training Packages available however if you require more or less, let us know what you need & we will arrange training that suits your workplace & budget.

Training typically can include any of the following configurations and content:

  • > Onsite group training for 1-10 participants
  • > Online small group training for 1-3 participants
  • > Onsite small group training for 1-3 participants
  • > Online one-one-one training to follow curriculum or business specific tasks
  • > Onsite one-one-one training to follow curriculum or business specific tasks
  • > Training for new users (Staff)
  • > Training for super users (Management)
  • > Training for admin users (IT teams)

Industry Specific Customisation

A CRM Database System does not meet every business need initially and every industry that exists has its own ideas & methods of doing business with their clients. For this reason, your database should be able to perform what you need it to. Sometimes you need it to deliver a certain number of functions that are specific to your job or your business structure. From task automations to workflow, to specific fields for data capturing, we can ensure this happens and can include but not limited to, the following:

  • > Database field requirements
  • > Data requiring capturing, delivery & processing
  • > Database functionality requirements
  • > Importing & exporting data for internal/external use
  • > Department specific functions (sales, marketing)
  • > Workflow & project management
  • > Integration & migration with external systems (accounting, reporting)
  • > Integration with website and web technologies
  • >Industry specific functions and behaviours
  • > Accountibility & client/staff behaviour monitoring
  • > Calendar management & scheduling
  • > Database queries & reports

Function Specific Development & Customisation

General customisation may not be enough. Sometimes you require something that is quite complex yet necessary for your business. This requires specific back-end coding & development to achieve. Development is something we do it every day, so let us know what you need in your CreataCRM system, and we'll work with you to ensure it happens.

Our aim is to release you to do business without the pain of being limited with having conditions place upon you. We aim to take down the barriers that prevent you from launching forward in business. We aim to say 'yes' wherever and whenever possible. We work with you, not against you. Our philosophy is to release you and assist you without the huge burden of cost and hidden conditions.

When we develop for you, we are honest and helpful and will always endeavor to achieve what you need swiftly, affordably & accurately. CreataCRM is a system in place with several standard features but we like to encourage you to see it as a blank canvas, where you hold the paint brush!. Many of our clients enjoy this freedom of assistance we offer as our competitors certainly don't offer such openess and flexibility.

Consultancy & Advice

We have over 15years of CRM experience in customisation and implementation. We've implemented over 2000 sites with CRM systems (Database Partners). We've discovered what works and what is really 'crap' and we aim to remove the 'crap bits' from bothering our clients once and for all!!. This is why our team built CreataCRM. It ticks all the boxes our clients have been screaming out for. Features like price, features, functionality, flexibility, mobility & usability hit the main points but the list doesn't end there in terms of needs and wants. We can advise you on the following:

  • > How to roll out a new CRM system into your company
  • > How to gain user agreement and office compliance
  • > How to manage and best utilise your client lists (data)
  • > How to customise it and make it deliver what you need it to
  • > How to improve your system in stages that are managable
  • > How to use the system and maintain it
  • > How to economically roll out it so it meets both budget & business needs
  • > How to hold staff accountable in using the system you've invested in
  • > How your system can be integrated into other priority systems in your company
  • > How to keep things secure & safe
  • > How to ehnance your system to possess the necessary features which meet all key business requirements.
  • > How to access your data & the possibilities of mobility