Xero & CreataCRM

CreataCRM and Xero work together for your business

Keen to stay with Xero, but need to enhance your features to grow your business? Manage your Customers all in one place! Access your Xero data along side your vital CRM data in real time via the Cloud. Reducing double handling by accessing your data from a centralised location. And having your data available on any device means you can be fully informed even when working away from the office.

Automatic Sync of Xero data

CreataCRM lets you choose what you need from Xero, and keeps it synced with CreataCRM. Now you can keep your Customers, Suppliers, Invoices, Items and Bills up to date and all in one place!

Optimize Your Sales

Manage your Sales Pipeline with CreataCRM! Follow your Leads all the way from Prospect to Invoice, then send those Invoices to Xero. Once you've sent an Invoice to Xero, receiving payments from Customers is business as usual

Improved Customer Experience

With access to customer Buyer Behaviour, your team can anticipate customer needs! CreataCRM uses Buyer Behavior to suggest additional products per-customer, increasing your sales!

Managed Warehousing

CreataCRMs Warehousing feature can manage all your Xero Items, keeping track of stocks and purchase orders. When you make Purchase Orders in CreataCRM they get sent to Xero as Bills, letting you manage your payments all in one place!

Built-In eCommerce

With CreataCRM eCommerce, you can display all your Xero items in a branded online shop, fully synced with you Xero prices and descriptions. Need to update a products details or apply a discount? Make changes in one place, and let CreataCRM handle the rest!

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To know more about Xero & CreataCRM together, simply call 02 9125 0575 or email us at creatasales@creatacrm.com.au

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