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CreataCRM offers you Customer and Client management in via its powerful CRM Module. If you're needing to better manage your onling relationships with your customers, CreataCRM is great for you as it can automate alot of the tasks required.

There are many CRM's out there - SO WHY US??

Our major point of difference is that we can successfully bring all data into one centralised place. That means ALL data from external systems. This data can then be utilised how you want. Valuable data such as buyer behaviour (who is buying what, for how much and when!) This intellectual property will assist you in then maintaining repeat business and marketing accordingly. We are also offering a System with premium features without the enormous cost.  Take a look at our newest features and modules to discover we can change the way you work and secure your business methods with one system. If staff leave, you keep all important data & lose nothing. If you need to work from home, you can very easily. If you need to report on business activities, it can be done. If you need to go out in the field, you are free to do so.  We'd love to help you. Be liberated!

Managaing your Contacts, Companies and Sub Divisions

CreataCRM differs from many CRM systems. We focus on SME business, rather than corporates, and centralise all the data you need to run your business. We allow you to start building your customer and adding their employees and sub divisions. Then allowing you to build a better relationship with your customers by add your Emails, Accountancy information and other important informaton to help your business.

Building your Regions with CreataCRM

CreataCRM help you developer regions for your business, Wth CreataCRM, we have already predefine Geo fence of Australia or you are able to draw your own geo fence on a interact maps to developer your regions for your staff to access the Mobile Web App to goto visit tha region when they are on the road. This allows you to work out where your clients are and then develop regions for sales teams.

Interactive Maps

With CreataCRM, we have an interactive Map, allow you to draw your own Geo fence and lookup those customers.

Create your followup Tasks and Activities of your business

With CreataCRM, you are able to create follow up customer that will email reminder of the task. Also you are able to add your Aalls, Meeting Notes, General Notes and other Activities of your business

Interactive Calendar for Tasks and Activties

CreataCRM helps you to plan recurring tasks for your important customers and make activities  on your customers with a interactive calendar. You also can sync your Calendar to Office 365,  to better collaborate with you and your staff. 

Chat and message colleagues internally about your customers

With CreataCRM, you able to chat and message your colleagues internally, linking the message to your customers, which will allow this history to be record to the customer. Also you can chat on Jobs, Sales and much more.

Time Clock

With CreataCRM, your safe are able to clock on and off on any device, This allows your business better collaborate with each other, alerting them when staff have logging in. Then you can time your Activties on Customers, Sales and Jobs.

Design your own Email Templates

With CreataCRM, you are able to build your own email templates which include attachments, and then send the emails all in one place.

Design your Notifications for your business

With CreataCRM, you can design your own notifications for your business. With CreataCRM, you can choose from a large number of notification templates, to alert your staff with Sales is Overdue, Job is finished and much more

Design your Online Forms

With CreataCRM, you are able to build your own online forms, then send via email to your clients. You are able to create your own customer satisfaction form that you can email the client, which results will be on the contact. Also you can do ISO forms, SWMS forms and much more.

Design your own Reports and Dashboards

With CreataCRM, you can design your own Dashboard and report with a easy interactive report designer and a dashboard designer. Because most of your Accountancy info and other business information you great reports for your business all in one place.

ACTIVITIES - Bring your business activities into one place i.e. Accountancy, Office 365, IMAP.  Along with reoccurring meetings and appointments.

TASKS AND TASK TEMPLATES - Follow up Tasks. Re-occuring Tasks. Tasks Templates let you develop processes and check lists. Schedule colleagues to do certain Tasks with reminder emails as well.

MAPS - Use the Mapping tool to group your business into zones and regions for client visit and field runs.

DOCUMENTS - Attach relevant documentation and files to client profiles for reference.

MAIL - Validate customers emails (confirmation they are active). Improve client relationship with regular contact.

TAGS - Categorise you clients via unique Tags. Tag them accorging to their interest, their purchases or their preferences. Search, report or communicate to your clients based on this insightful data.

EMAIL TEMPLATES With CreataCRM, you can create your email templates to email contacts ad companies

ONLINE FORMS With CreataCRM, you can design your own online forms

BUILD YOUR ORGANIZATIONS LEVELS With CreataCRM, you are add sub divisions under a company, where you can see all the members of contacts from all the sub divisons

“Creata's main aim is to liberate your business with a System that delivers