Warehousing & Inventory

CreataCRM can help you manage your Warehouse(s) & Inventory. CreataCRM boasts an Inventory Management tool but in addition to this, it will integrate with your external Inventory Management System (MYOB, Reckon etc). This technology gives you greater flexibility in understanding all your stock and its movements in real time via the Cloud.

Watch a Video Tutorial - Inventory Management & Stock Control with MYOB

Multiple Warehouses

Action tasks include adding Products, conducting Stock Takes and viewing the History of Transactions View History of Transactions

Reviewing Stock Availability

Users anywhere at anytime can access the realitime availability of stock. This provides users with a greater understanding of stock levels allowing them to order whatever is required from their location.

Orders and Shipments

Users are given the freedom to order stock from any warehouse and send the shipment to the customer. This provides greater freedom to those staff who work away from the office. Users also have the ability to create invoices and shipments stock items from any warehouse.